Sharing the Gospel - using the Internet

30th January 2011

Slides: Sharing the Gospel - using the Internet

If you have questions about the presentation or any thing related to it then email me at .

Download the slides from the presentation

There is a section of the new website entitled "Introduction to Sharing the Gospel Online".

The church has put together a video entitled " - Overview"

Church websites

You will need your membership number to register for an account on these sites. This is on your temple recommend or you can get it from the Ward Clerk.

I mentioned in my presentation that you can now order a 14-month subscription of the ensign, receiveing two copies of the conference edition. Here is a link to the store page.

The church does have many more websites. But the main ones I have been listed above and you can access the others through

Church Twitter accounts

The church has a few official twitter accounts.

Church Facebook pages

Church podcasts

Church YouTube channels

Start your own blog

Get started on Facebook

I have created a group for the members and friends of the Norwich Ward called "LDS Norwich UK". Just search for it when you have a facebook account and then request to join.

Here is my profile on Facebook.

Get started on Twitter

During the presentation I made reference to hashtags. One in particular #ldsconf is being used widely to indicate that a tweet is about General Conference.

Here is my profile on Twitter.